Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quote, unquote: Seeking the "porridge zone", just right for every reader

“People love their iPads and want to experience journalism through the iPad. If that’s the way they want it, we’re going to make it as seamless and wonderful as we can.”
-- Bob Cohn, editorial director of Atlantic Digital, explaining  to NiemanLab the company's decision to bring all of its content together under one app, which goes way beyond a digital version of the magazine. It's a streamlined, unified look and the app is free. Non-paying users will get all the web stores and access to one magazine story a month. Digital subscribers get all content for $21.99 a year. Hard to believe that only a few years ago at The Atlantic was pigeonholed as one of those marginal, toffee-nosed, eastern elite "thinkies" that were somehow doomed to irrelevance....



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