Friday, September 02, 2011

Shoppers shifts contract publishing of Glow magazine from Rogers to St. Joes

It is a version of the circle game, we suppose. It has been announced that Glow magazine, the beauty, health and lifestyle magazine produced on behalf of Shoppers Drug Mart by Rogers Publishing is now to be contract-published by rival St. Joseph Media. This was reported by Marketing magazine.
Glow, an 8-times-a-year title which has a circulation of 360,000, has been published by Rogers for the past decade. But its predecessors -- Healthwatch and Images magazines -- had been published for Shoppers by Multi-Vision Publishing*, before it was bought out by St. Joseph in 2002. At about that time, Shoppers decided to change suppliers, discontinuing the two magazine strategy in favour of Rogers' proposal for one title whose circulation was closely aligned with the the database of Optimum, the drug chain's loyalty card.  Various versions of Glow were produced, depending on cardholders' purchasing habits. In addition, the magazine is sold on newsstands.
St. Joseph Media was also awarded the publishing contract for Glow‘s Quebec sister publication, Pure. Its circulation is 68,000 and it is issued six times a year.
*It's worth remembering that Multi-Vision, in addition to being a prodigious contract publisher, also published Elm Street, and bought Saturday Night magazine and shift magazine, none of which are with us any longer.



Anonymous Greg MacNeil said...

Dear DB,

My first boss once said: "Greg, you're not very good at anything but you're really lucky."

He was right. I feel very lucky to have spent 35 years in the magazine publishing business.

Just a couple of points of clarification and feedback on your article. You're right in saying that Saturday Night and Shift are no longer with us. At Multi-Vision, we acquired them after they'd been "put down" as sick puppies by other companies.

But, we kept them alive for a couple of years longer than anyone else was prepared to do, hiring many fine editors, writers, photographers, art directors and sales people in the process.

Our "hope" was that we could save them... as we did Homemaker's Magazine which we turned into one of the most profitable magazines in Canada in the early to mid 90's and as we did with Canadian Family later.

While Images and Healthwatch are no longer with us, Glow is. While Maclean Hunter is no longer with us, Rogers Publishing is. While Telemedia is no longer with us, Transcontinental is. While Key Publishing and MVP are no longer with us, St. Joseph Media is.

We were all acquired by large, stable good companies interested in growing those various businesses further.

Oh, and Comac and Quest are no longer with us but I'm sure you know that better than most.

Change is a necessary for growth and success. Some might say we're lucky to have it.

And, having worked with SDM and their magazines for over 20 years and with many at SJM, I can say with great confidence that Glow is in good hands.

All the very best.



10:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the history lesson Greg, no doubt dictated from the wheel of your Ferrari, idling in front of the Forest Hill Starbucks... or is it South Beach at this time of year? You may (or may not) be surprised to know the line on Glow is that Rogers let it go because it simply wasn't profitable (or not profitable enough) But despite the game face you likely know those details better than most...

5:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, is there any word regarding Glow's editor who went A.W.O.L.?
Evidently the magazine has been without an editor (and a managing editor) for a few months now.

7:22 pm  
Anonymous Greg MacNeil said...

I think "anomynous" says it all...or nothing at all.

My comments had little to do with the actual awarding of the Glow contract, as I know nothing about it. But, it had more to do with the chronology and the accuracy of the comments in the blog.

As I've been retired for 7 years, game face is a distant thing of the past. But, the "facts" are important.

Btw, if I ran the most profitable company in the country and an associate "chose" to let a quality company/customer like SDM slip away out of disinterest, as you suggest, I'd fire that person. (And, I think too highly of Rogers to believe that.)

But, really, I suspect you want us to believe that Vancouver didn't want to win the Stanley Cup either.

What a riot!

Whoever you are, I wish you well. But, relax...have a glass of wine, smoke a cone, breathe deeply...whatever. One day, you'll realize the insignificance of your comments. Come see me in Florida.

Thank you DB for posting my comments. Continued success.



10:01 pm  
Anonymous Margot said...

This news brings feelings of schadenfreude and bittersweet memories. I was managing editor (and beauty editor and basically acting editor, since there wasn't one - plus ça change...) of IMAGES before it ceased publication. I left just before the last issue was sent to the printer. My first day on my next job was Sept. 10, 2001. It felt like the whole world was changing....and it sure did. I wish St. Joe's the very best.

12:20 am  

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