Friday, October 28, 2011

Did the National Post plagiarize itself?

Blogger, poet, copyright maven John Degen points out on his blog that the National Post ran an editorial on October 27 that was a virtual copy of an op-ed column in the paper by one of its staff writers, Jesse Kline, from the day before.
"There are no less that 24 sentences that are wholly or partially in common between the two "original" pieces [Degen says]".
He notes the baffling irony of a mainstream paper choosing to attack "established old media players". But cutting and pasting? And about copyright? How weird and lame is that?



Anonymous Anna W said...

Exactly under what conditions can you plagiarize yourself?

That's a pretty serious accusation

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Courtney said...

Wow. How did they not catch that before it went to print?

9:58 am  

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