Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scottish publisher says it's time for a drink magazine called Hot Rum Cow

My latest magazine crush is for a new Scottish newsstand magazine hilariously called Hot Rum Cow, published in Edinburgh by White Light Media, which has heretofore been mostly a contract publisher. 
“There are lots of magazines about food, and some of them are very good,” said publisher Fraser Allen [quoted in a story in Press Gazette.]. "There are fewer magazines about drinks, and none of them are like Hot Rum Cow.
“We believe this is a niche that is crying out for a cleverly written, beautifully designed magazine and we're having a great time bringing it to life.”
The 100-page quarterly will be distributed on UK newsstands starting in the new year and subscriptions will be available online.
You can see a 16-page sample issue here. If the whole magazine is like this, it should be a hoot. Hope it makes the transAtlantic crossing.



Anonymous Courtney said...

That is a completely brilliant name.

9:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then you'll love its sister publication, Cold Gin Gerbil.

5:05 pm  

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