Thursday, November 03, 2011

Maclean's goes 3D with annual Rethink issue

Last year, its annual issue about innovation and new ideas was printed sideways, this year, Maclean's "Rethink" issue comes with 3D augmented reality.
"In the spirit of rethinking the ordinary, this issue offers an entirely new way to enjoy the magazine that goes well beyond the printed word [says a release]. It uses a technology called "augmented reality (AR)." When certain pages are viewed through the camera on your computer webcam or smartphone, they will literally come to life, with audio, video and 3-D content."
One of the augmented stories is about hockey player Sidney Crosby's brain, or rather the treatment he received for brain injury. Another is about"moose crosswalks" in Newfoundland, designed to keep cars from running into the animals, and vice versa.


Anonymous Courtney said...

Cool! I'm going to have to buy this issue of Macleans just to check that out!

4:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, Courtney, are you actually in the magazine industry? Because you seem waaaay too upbeat--I think you usually have to pass a cynicism test to post here...

9:33 am  
Anonymous Deb Morrison said...

:-) I think the magazine industry needs a few more Courtneys right now. And I agree, congrats to Maclean's for trying something that seems, well, cool! Of course... I have to wait another two weeks before my issue reaches Manitoba... (opps there is that cynicism...)

4:35 pm  

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