Thursday, November 10, 2011

Magazine shoplifters get fair warning; they are being watched

A cheesed-off retailer in Stockport, UK has put up a colourful poster in his store warning magazine shoplifters that he knows who they are and intends to get tough on them, according to a post on Jon Slattery's blog. 
Is there any example in Canada of a retailer doing similar? Most British single-copy sales outlets work on a "standing order" basis with their customers, though freestanding singles are available on newsstands. Closed-circuit surveillance is also ubiquitous. In the antiquated Canadian consignment business (and the U.S.) it's highly unlikely to know that magazines are being stolen, let alone which ones,  or to do much about it. We note, with amusement, that one of the magazines stolen is called Pick Me Up.
Martin McColl is  a chain of some 1,250 convenience stores and newsagents throughout England, Scotland and Wales.



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