Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Magazines Canada launches "mosaic" print campaign to promote Canadian magazines

Magazines Canada has launched a promotional print campaign to celebrate the diversity of Canadian magazines. The campaign, designed by doug & serge, underpins the ongoing Genuine Canadian promotion and it will appear in Canadian magazines and in retail outlets across the country with iconic images formed by mosaics drawn from thousands of Canadian titles. There are four, different images. The campaign was paid for with support of the government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund, the Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Canada Council.
"Canada is such a distinctive country and there are so many wonderful Canadian magazines that reflect our own views, values and interests. We challenged the doug & serge team to help us convey that Canadian magazines best reflect Canadians’ interests and perspectives because they are written by, for and about Canadians," said Barbara Bates, executive director, circulation marketing, Magazines Canada. "They have done a wonderful job of helping us to communicate that Canadian magazines are indeed a unique and relevant reflection of Canadians, and that the industry offers hundreds of titles."

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Anonymous Courtney said...

Oh, I can't wait to see this campaign out in the wild! I love those posters!

8:45 am  

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