Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My, big isn't it? Visionaire prints world's biggest magazine

New frontiers in oversized publishing: The latest issue of Visonaire, a New York fashion magazine, measures 5 x 7 feet and set a new, world's record. Co-founder Cecelia Dean, interviewed by NBC New York's Thread blog, said of the project: "At first, we were thinking, 'It's just a really big magazine, how hard can that be?' " Harder than they thought. They had to get special paper that wouldn't rip as you turned the pages and printing had a lot of handling as each page was printed then moved and flipped by hand. 
"It becomes so laborious, and that's something you can't know until you start production. It really requires a huge amount of human attention. In a really funny way, it ends up being very couture, I think."
Visionaire is not so much a periodical as a publisher of exclusive, numbered limited editions, featuring a different theme and format with each of its three annual issues, not all of which are quite as humongous as the "deluxe" "Larger than Life" issue, which costs $1,500. There is a standard edition, about half the size, for a mere $375 (or $500 for a standard two-issue sub including #61) they treated this more as a one-off art project. The magazine chose to use Lady Gaga as their cover model because she was a "larger than life" personality.
There's a video on the website showing the magazine on a New York newsstand and being printed.



Anonymous Courtney said...

It was quite interesting to watch the video with the clips of the magazine actually being produced - I had been wondering how they were going to stitch the pages together, so that was very cool to see.

8:17 am  

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