Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rogers kicks off its R Deals site with discounted subs package

[This post has been updated] One of the first deals Rogers Media is offering on its brand-new R Deals site is two Rogers magazine subscriptions for $32 plus a $25 gift card from Chapters. According to a story in Marketing magazine, R Deals is similar to services being offered by Torstar (WagJag), Postmedia (SwarmJam).
The deals site -- which will be offering deals beyond Rogers's own magazine titles -- is being promoted through various online properties and through social media related to various print properties. The site launched last night at midnight and the sign-up was "well into tens of thousands", according to Jason Tafler, chief digital officer for Rogers Digital Media. (As of Tuesday mid afternoon, the sub deal had been taken up by 208 people [ see update below].)
“We’re going to differentiate around more personalized, higher quality deals and merchants,” [he said] “We have a high-quality audience… To be able to leverage the audience of Chatelaine, Flare, Maclean’s and SweetSpot.ca, building our deals based on those customer databases, is a big deal for the [partnering] merchants....“It’s not necessarily going to be an editorial product, but say if someone reads an article in Lou Louon clothing, we’ll smartly tie-in a deal.” Tafler noted, however, that deals will be clearly marked as advertising as opposed to editorial product.
The site says the value of the deal is $64 and the discount 50%. However it also reveals that this is based on regular subscription prices ranging from $14.95 to $19.99. For the two most expensive subs (MoneySense at $19.99 and French Châtelaine at $19.97), the sub portion of the deal would be $39.96. With the gift card added, the deal indeed totals $64.96.
But take two $14.95 subs, such as Flare or Today's Parent and the sub portion would be $29.90. Plus the $25 gift card, the true value of the deal totals $54.90 so the deal is discounted 42%.
[Update: as of noon on Wednesday, 447 people had bought the deal.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

D.B., when the editor of Canada's Magazine of the Year (a Rogers title) leaves for one of Canada's oldest and most respected publications (also a Rogers title), not even a tumbleweed of mention blows across your blog. What gives?

By the way, an iconic Canadian magazine (also a Rogers title) got a new publisher today.

10:38 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

The appointment has now been posted, as soon as I was told of it. What gives is that this blog is a sideline (i.e. not how I earn a living) and I do the best I can, often with the kind assistance of readers. So, anonymous reader, do us a favour; who is the publisher? and what is the iconic Canadian magazine?

12:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

exactly, so cat n' mouse. bit silly. just spill it Anon. Or is Kenny W watching your every move?

4:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

D.B., no disrespect intended — I know it's a sideline and a labour of love. There just seems to be a disproportionate amount of space dedicated to obscure or regional titles. I guess they're better at feeding you info than us fat, lazy cats at One Mount Pleasant.

Here's your news:


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Penny Hicks to the role of Publisher at Maclean’s. The appointment is effective Dec. 5, and Penny will report directly to me.

Penny will be responsible for leading and championing Maclean’s both internally at Rogers Media and externally to various audiences and advertisers. She will manage a team of functional experts, including advertising sales and consumer marketing and will liaise with other centralized leaders in order to drive the various facets of the Maclean’s business. She will also work closely with Mark Stevenson, Editor of Maclean’s, on an editorial strategy that will ensure the continued engagement of our readers—so that we can continue to build on our circulation successes. For more than 10 years Penny has been employing strategic thinking to various roles in the media business with increasing responsibility and success. Most recently in her role as Advertising Director at Maclean’s, Penny has proven herself a passionate promoter of our magazines and the readers and audiences they serve. She’s smart and creative in the way she matches-up the strengths of our brands with the needs of our clients.

Please join us in congratulating Penny on her appointment.

9:36 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Thanks for passing on the memo. The one thing I find hard to accept is the suggestion that "obscure or regional titles" get too much attention. I'm as interested in Rogers and Transcon as the next person(and would say that they tend to get a fair share) but smaller titles are facing their own challenges and opportunities in a way that is of interest to others just like them.

10:08 pm  

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