Friday, December 02, 2011

K-W interactive publisher launches two, monthly, online industry magazines

A Kitchener-Waterloo interactive publishing company, Industry Media, has announced the launch  two new, monthly, online magazines: Canadian Industry Online and Global Renewables Online
The magazines are being sent digitally to a list of 20,000 senior executives, using a controlled list. A full-page ad in either magazine is $6,999.
The editor in chief is Sara Kopamees. 
According to a release
In the first issue of Canadian Industry Online, readers can access interviews with key business leaders and innovators, including W. Brett Wilson, BESTECH, Bishop Water Technologies, 1,000 Island Airboats, Canadian Chemical Technologies, ABB Ber-Mac, and Dutchman Industries. The magazine also features an exclusive interview with Google's Canadian Engineering Director Steve Woods and covers events such as the Toronto Board of Trade's energy panel discussion with Joe Oliver (Canada's Minister of Natural Resources).
The premiere issue of Global Renewables Online covers a large scope of renewable activity in geothermal, wind, and solar sectors. The magazine examines critical issues such as public awareness of renewable energy as well as the significance of emerging economies in the development of the renewables industry. Exclusives from REN21 (partners of the United Nations Environment Programme) and Alexander Richter, Executive Director for the Canadian Geothermal Association, showcase the importance of renewable energy as a part of the global economy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seven grand for a full page full color ad in a digital edition with no stated circulation? Good luck with that.

3:46 pm  
Blogger Sara said...

Feel free to email Industry Media for more details on national and international circulation at Thanks for the well-wishes!

1:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Circ means squat on digital editions. Open and read rates tell the real story.

9:52 am  

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