Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Canadian online resource links journalists with experts on health policy issues

There's a new Canadian online resource available to journalists covering health policy issues: It's a non-partisan web-based project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Manitoba Health Research Council. It links journalists with health policy experts to provide access to credible, evidence-based information, particularly the latest evidence on controversial health policy issues (such as wait times, health care costs and spending, the aging population and so on.)
"When health related stories crest the top of the fold, we want the stories to be based on evidence, not whimsy," says a release from the organization....
"Our experts are ready and able to answer journalists’ questions and connect journalists with the evidence on issues in Canadian health policy. The experts were chosen based on standing in the health policy research/academic community, publishing record, ability to communicate in lay language, the absence of lobbying affiliations, and region. understands the time constraints that journalists labour under and has asked each of the experts to respond to media inquiries within a two hour timeframe, whenever possible."

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