Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Study of cross-platform access to big U.S. mag brands shows great variability

A study of 12 major U.S. magazine companies and 112 brands shows that there is increasing access on digital platforms, though there is a wide variability of reader access across print, digital-only and combined print and digital.
For instance, the range of access of digital-only is from 27% for Wenner Media (Rolling Stone) to as little as 6% for Reader's Digest Assoc. and  7% for Meredith Corporation (Better Homes & Gardens et al) and Bauer Publishing (In Touch and Life & Style). 
The American Magazine Study results were published by Affinity Research Inc. and the results were reported in Folio:.
Time Inc., with a collective readership of over 114 million readers, has the largest crossover of included publishers: its 18 brands are read in both print and digital forms by 30 percent of its demographic. 55 percent only use its print products, while 15 percent digitally access Time Inc. content.



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