Thursday, February 02, 2012

Magazine to build virtual "Spacington" in search for the ideal 21st century city

Spacing magazine, which concerns itself with urban affairs, is using Sim City software to build the perfect city. On the magazine's Spacing Toronto blog, there is a "Welcome the Spacington" page, which promises that, over a period of time -- with the ministrations of Spacing staff and contributors -- will evolve a simulated urban city into a model 21st century urban city. Right now, it's just a forested shoreline that looks suspiciously like 17th century Toronto, but the readers of Spacing are being asked to comment and make suggestions on what is to happen on that all-but-blank canvas.
During the week the Spacing team and myself [writes Dylan Collie] will attempt to develop Spacington into a walkable, densely populated, diverse cityscape. Borrowing some suggestions from our urban theorist queen, Jane Jacobs, as well as the LRT focus of 21st century urbanism, Spacington will become a simulated version urban [of the] city we all want. Check the blogs every Thursday and keep on track with our city's evolution.

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Wow hope it's works.

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