Monday, February 27, 2012

Sportsnet magazine highlights the hottest athletes

3-time U.S. World Cup overall downhill champion Lindsey Vonn
Canadian Sheldon Souray, a three-time hockey All-Star  
'Tis the season for sex and sports (actually when isn't it?) but hard on the heels of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, Canada's Sportsnet magazine from Rogers has come out with its March 12 Beauty in Sport Edition  featuring 30 of the buffest, most attractive athletes, men and women, Canadians and otherwise. Readers are given the online opportunity to rank the top 5 most beautiful males and females.

Editor-in-chief Steve Maich says people look at sports differently in comparison with years past and tells how “sporting talent, sex appeal, charisma and marketing savvy today combine to form an incredibly potent cocktail that can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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