Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BPA Worldwide circ audit firm to move beyond "legacy business" of print

BPA Worldwide, which provides third-party circulation audits to many Canadian magazines, has decided to expand its services to allow it to conduct auditing for organizations outside of the media industry. Its new iCompli division is intended to build broader business opportunities, says Glenn Hansen, the CEO of BPAWW, quoted in an article in Audience Development.
“The legacy business with BPA is print media, but it’s slowly transforming to be audits of a brand and not just the print channel,” says CEO Glenn Hansen. “What will remain is the auditing of a brand’s distribution channels, including print."
The new division will now perform audits of trade show and conduct social responsibility and sustainability reporting, among other things, Hansen said:
“We are now expanding our business and taking a step back and saying that we are not circulation auditors but assurance providers, which opens us up—there’s a much larger audience for things that need to be third-party assured.” 

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