Thursday, March 29, 2012

Digital publishing provider Texterity bought by California tech firm Godengo

Texterity, the digital content publishing company, has been acquired by Godengo, Inc. of California. The combined companies will be merged and provide services to more than 1,200 magazine titles from more than 500 publishers in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Terms of the deal were not revealed.
Texterity was founded in 1991 and has been a privately held company based in Southborough, MA which provides digital and mobile solutions, creating and maintaining more than 750 digital editions and building magazine-branded apps. Godengo of Berkeley, California markets content management systems, digital and mobile advertising platforms, and runs an online ad network.
The current president and CEO of Godengo, Peter Stilson, will be CEO and the current president of Texterity, Carl Scholz, will be president of the combined company.  Martin Hensel, who founded Texterity, will be a consultant to the firm.
“Godengo and Texterity have complementary expertise, specializations, and cultures, and together we’ll offer a level of functionality and flexibility to clients that is well beyond anything currently in the marketplace,” said Stilson in a release. “The publishing industry has been looking for a true partner that can meet the full scope of needs in cross-platform digital and mobile integration, and now it has one.”
 “With the scope of expertise and capabilities that our combined organization has, we now have products and services to meet the needs of the more than 18,000 magazine publishers in the market,” said Scholz.  “We bring together a wealth of professional experience in management, engineering, sales, project management, customer support, and finance. There’s no question that we’re poised for dramatic growth.” 

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Anonymous Jim said...

So, what exactly does this mean for publishers? Who is Godengo? Checked these guys out on the web, but not sure how exactly this partnership will better (or differently) serve magazine publishers.

12:56 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Probably too early to know. Godengo does not do exactly what Texterity has done. Some Canadian publishers use Texterity to convert their InDesign content into web-ready versions (e.g. The Kit -- I imagine that these customers are valuable in terms of the regular business they bring to the table and as prospective customers for the products of Godengo -- such things as content management sytems.

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Marty Seto said...

Godengo offers publishers and Texterity clients a website CMS system and ad network to generate revenue for their digital properties. This will provide publishers with an one stop service for websites, digital editions and apps as part of their digital offering, plus an ad revenue component to generate ROI. In other words an integrated digital solution that pays for itself.

11:28 am  

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