Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guide published to help publishers reduce their magazines' carbon footprints

Magazine publishers who want to improve their impact on the environment can now turn to a guide published by Magazines Canada in collaboration with its regional counterparts and other partners. The Carbon Footprint Compendium, released today, provides step-by-step information on how to identify impact and do something about it. A release said
The magazine industry is in a strong position to embrace sustainability given print products are fully recyclable and can be printed on environmentally friendly papers. The Compendium is a starting point to get the ball rolling towards a more sustainable magazine publishing industry.
The initiative is supported by the Magazine Association of BC (MABC), the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA), the Manitoba Magazine Publishers’ Association (MMPA), Magazines Ontario, the Atlantic Magazines Association (AMA), the Ontario Media Development Corporation and was developed in collaboration with Canopy, an environmental not-for-profit organization working with publishers to protect forest, species and climate. A French version of the compendium is also available.



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