Monday, April 30, 2012

CAJ Investigative award goes to Selena Ross for Maisonneuve magazine cover story

Illustration by Anna Minzhulina
"One hard thing was sorting through the city documents. I only needed information about a few hundred contracts, but they were buried in thousands of pages of paperwork. It also took some time to get people in the industry to open up to me. I talked to most of them two or three times so that they would get to know me a little. It also took me awhile to understand how the whole administrative side works, like the bidding process for public contracts and how the boroughs are managed."
-- Selena Ross, quoted by OpenFile about challenges in her cover story "Getting Plowed" for Maisonneuve magazines's Winter 2011 issue, a story that just won her an investigative reporting award from the Canadian Association of Journalists. The story was about corruption and collusion in the Montreal snow-removal industry.
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