Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New neighbourhood bimonthlies launched in Toronto and Montreal

A company called Village Living Publishing is launching two, upscale community-based magazines, one in Toronto, one in Montreal. Village Living West Village will this month mail deliver to more than 14,000 homes, condos and businesses in Hillcrest Village, Wychwood Heights, Regal Heights, Forest Hill and Upper Village, a band of upmarket neighbourhoods.
Its Montreal equivalent, Village Living Westmount, will go in May to more than 10,000 addresses in the same manner. A 1x full page ad in either of the bimonthly Montreal or Toronto magazines is $1,650 (which would be a $55 CPM, based on 2 readers per copy.)
The content is a mix of food, health, wellness, fashion, home, real estate and finance.
Both editions and their companion websites are designed by K9 Design Co. of Toronto.



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