Thursday, April 05, 2012

Quote, unquote: National Geographic moving to digital as fast as it can

WSJ: Will the print magazine cease to exist at some point?

Mr. Fahey: "Yes. When will that day come? I'm not certain. It's hard for me to even imagine that it's 10 years from now. We're going to try to move people to digital from print as fast as we can, because we think there's a certain inevitability that will happen."
-- National Geographic magazine CEO John Fahey telling the Wall Street Journal that the distinctive 124-year-old magazine will move from a month to month print product to a multi-media product that is "alive and organic on a day-to-day basis". The magazine at the moment has 5 million English language print subscribers, about half of what it had in the 1980s, and has added 2.5 million in other languages. It has 181,000 subscribers on all its digital platforms including the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Web and digital newsstands like Zinio.



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