Thursday, April 19, 2012

Study commissioned by Spacing magazine says Toronto supports tax for transit

A study conducted by Environics for Spacing Magazine showed 74 per cent of the 1,436 people surveyed online support the idea of a regional tax to bolster transit, similar to what the Los Angeles region did in 2008. It was reported in John Lorinc's column on the Spacing Toronto blog.
The survey showed support higher for a transit tax outside of Toronto, with 75 per cent of York Region residents backing the idea.
The dramatic results suggest a significant number of GTA voters would back taxes that promise to relieve worsening vehicle congestion that now costs the region $6 billion a year in lost productivity, according to the Toronto Board of Trade. "The findings show public is primed and ready for a meaningful discussion about the future of transit in the GTA," says Darren Karasiuk, Environics' vice-president of corporate and public affairs.


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