Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Walrus launches SoapBox, a public discussion forum

The Walrus Foundation, publishers of The Walrus magazine, has partnered with to create an online discussion forum called The Walrus SoapBox. Its inaugural topic is the relevance of art in public life.
"Traditionally, a soapbox was a way in which citizens could be heard through an impromptu or unofficial burst of public speaking," said a release. "The Walrus SoapBox at will enable users to post or evaluate (with a thumbs up or thumbs down) ideas, and connect with other users quickly, easily, and in real time. This modern form of the soapbox elevates the blog format to include the collective voice of its users.

"In addition to publishing The Walrus magazine, providing a high standard of content at,, and on; and producing national events, we're thrilled to be able to engage more Canadians in important conversations through this innovative and exciting new realm called The Walrus SoapBox," says Shelley Ambrose, co-publisher of The Walrus magazine and executive director of the charitable, non-profit Walrus Foundation.


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