Friday, May 25, 2012

Canada Council suspends Flying Squad applications while it undertakes program review

The Canada Council for the Arts has suspended the October 2012 competition for the Flying Squad with the intent of undertaking a comprehensive program review. The Flying Squad has been an important source of organizational assistance and improvement for arts organizations of all kinds. In 2008 the Flying Squad's remit was expanded from mentorship and consultations for theatre and dance companies to include book and magazine publishing and, in 2010, was expanded again to include assistance to associations and festivals.
“The Flying Squad was innovative in its design and intent when it was created in the 1990s and it has had a very positive impact on the milieu. We know, however, that the context for arts organizations has evolved,” said Director and CEO Robert Sirman. “This review is an opportunity to chart a future course that retains the best successes and learnings of the program. Our objective is to benefit the arts sector with a well integrated approach to organizational support. With our financial situation stable for the next three years, we can move forward with this review as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our programs continue to be relevant, cost-effective and responsive to the changing needs of the community.”
Applicants to the most recent April) deadline for the program will follow the normal process and successful applicants will be funded from the existing budget.The results of the program review is expected before the spring of 2013.



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