Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Relaunched online magazine serves Toronto job seekers

A new, online magazine called for Toronto job seekers has just been relaunched. The magazine began its life in the 1980s as a newsletter called PosAbilities and in 1999 became a monthly online magazine called Possibilities. Its latest incarnation is published by Findhelp Information Services and is funded by Employment Ontario and the  Government of Canada, but it doesn't have the usual bureaucratic, brochure-like feel. 
It is updated daily and contains real articles, in both official languages, about innovative job hunting strategies, great career profiles and resources to community services, lists of events, guides to living well on the cheap, and employment tips.  A free newsletter, available with registration, reminds users of the daily features.
"To serve all those looking for work better, the magazine needed to attract people with a fun new look and to strengthen its efforts to be as current and as realistic as possible when it comes to Toronto's job market," said Jane Henderson, President, Findhelp Information Services. "I think this revamped site accomplishes this goal."
 " is proof of the adage: 'that which is well designed is also clear.' Congratulations to all the team for a job well done, to the benefit of all Francophones," said Guy Lucas, Program and Services Manager, Employment Options, Collège Boréal Toronto.
[H/T to Jowita  Bydlowska]


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