Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spacing magazine looks on the light side of disaster with "end of the world" trailer

Video promotions are becoming more common for magazines these days, but Spacing magazine's effort on behalf of its "Disaster" issue is uncommonly good and good fun -- a parody of an "end of the world" movie trailer morphed out of illustrations and photos from the issue.
Among the features in the Toronto magazine's summer 2012 issue are columnist John Lorinc writing about the restoration of the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant; Shawn Micallef tweeting a fictional American invasion of the city in 2018; A story asking how Toronto would change if there were to be a serious fuel shortage; and whether the CN Tower could withstand an inevitable earthquake.
Video Production, Editing, and Graphics: 
Sam Javanrouh; Photos: 
Sam Javanrouh, Rob Pinciuc, Toronto Archives; Illustrations: 
Steve Murray, Mathew Borrett, Matthew Blackett;Script: Todd Harrison & Matthew Blackett


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