Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Loose association" of little mag publishers aims to work around "trial and error"

Here's a nifty idea; a collaboration of little magazine makers brought together to network, share resources and so on. (It's in a way what the Independent Publishers Association (IPA) used to do before it imploded.) Hope springs again although the organization hasn't yet held its first meeting (still to be announced). As reported on MagCulture:
Ralph [Emerson McGinnis] from Put A Egg On It,[a New York-based food zine he publishes with Sara Forbes Keogh] the man behind the The Little Magazine Coalition, explains,
‘It’s going to be a loose association, but with the hope of creating a professional organization that can teach and assist about things most of us have to figure out through trial and error. Even people experienced as magazine employees are often lost when figuring out how to distribute, sell ads and promote. Our first meeting is going to be a discussion about who are the best distributors for small magazines; our methods of online sales and tracking of subscribers. Practical stuff.’

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Blogger Claire said...

Very interesting news! I wonder how this new, informal group will grow and operate. I'll be looking forward to reportage.

And, maybe this will give Magazines Canada a great new mini-market for still-awesome back issues of the Small Magazines Handbooks, if copies are still available. I was just re-reading some of these the other day, and was reminded of how chock-a-block they are with information.

I'm going to interpret the emergence of this group as a positive sign for small magazines in North America and more proof that there is a feeling of strength in numbers.

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