Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Announcement by Canada Post CEO clarified: No change in maximum weight for a magazine

Deepak Chopra
The keynote at the Magazines Canada luncheon as part of the MagNet conference early last month featured the affable President and CEO of Canada Post, Deepak Chopra. And while most of his address was a feel-good ramble about partnerships and the digital way of the future for his organization and the publishers there gathered, he had brought one announcement:  The weight of enclosures in a magazine would be going up from 100 grams to 250. What a lot of the people in the room thought that meant was that maximum weight  for Publications Mail would be going up commensurately, from 1.36 kg to 1.51 kilos. Not so. 
Magazines Canada has now published a clarification, provided by Canada Post. The weight increase only applies to Sample Promotional Novelty Items (for instance, an enclosed a pen or a CD) but the current maximum item weight for an issue using Long Carrier Presort (LCP) remains the same at 1.36 kg.
The bottom line is that publishers will be able to send heavier samples enclosed with magazines, increasing potential for including advertiser promotional items with magazines.



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