Friday, August 10, 2012

Highlights Hello is a magazine you can
wash as needed

The people who publish the kids' magazine Highlights has come out with a printed magazine for toddlers aged 0 - 2 that has 16 pages of storybook content, rounded corners washable. Not probably machine-washable, but Highlights Hello is a (non-toxic) ink-on-paper publication that can stand being wiped off. It's a wholly circulation-driven publication, according to a posting by "Mr. Magazine" Samir Husni. It has also survived being put in a washing machine, according to editor Chris Cully, though it's not recommended.
I asked Chris why now and why ink on paper. Her answer,

“The research is clear about the benefits of reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The cuddling, talking, laughing, and singing are all part of the experience. A magazine like Hello makes it easier for parents to create these experiences often.
"Also Hello is lightweight and portable. It fits easily into mom’s purse or diaper bag. It fits toddler hands perfectly. It can be wiped clean–and it can withstand a little chewing. It is hard to imagine a digital product that could be so perfectly tailored to the needs of this audience.
"And for those of us who believe children’s books and magazines on paper are going to be around a long time, this creates a great first experience and early memories.”
Highlights is a Pennsylvania-based publisher of magazines for children, established 66 years ago and it publishes a family of titles including Hello, High Five for ages 2-6 and Highlights itself for those older than 6.

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