Saturday, August 04, 2012

Magazine writer Lisée running for PQ in Quebec provincial election

Lisée announces he is running
Jean-François Lisée, a longtime contributor to the Quebec news magazine l'Actualité and an advisor to the Parti Québécois, including former premiers Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau, is himself running for office in the Sept. 4 provincial election.
He will run in Rosemont, a Montreal riding formerly held by ex PQ cabinet minister Louise Beaudoin.
According to a story on, Lisée said that, after much consideration, he felt that it was important to get involved in defeating the Liberals, who he called "the party of cynicism".
"If I can contribute to the main collective task ahead of us, that is, getting rid of [Liberal Leader] Jean Charest, then I will do it." he said in his French announcement.
Lisée was responsible for a long cover story in the magazine earlier this year in which he proclaimed that Montreal Anglophones don't bother to speak French. (The cover image showed a frog with a picket sign saying 'Içi, on parle English'. 
[photo: Radio-Canada]


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