Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Precedent magazine spins off law student supplement into an issue of its own

Precedent magazine, produced principally for young, Ontario lawyers, is this year spinning off its usual fall student supplement into a magazine of its own. Over 4,500 copies of The Precedent Student Issue will be distributed in law school campuses starting next week.
"This year, Precedent is expanding by launching a national student magazine. Rather than publishing our traditional student supplement within the fall issue of Precedent, we decided it was time to give students an entire issue of their own. The new magazine will have a heavy emphasis on career information, while also delivering Precedent’s trademark advice on all things lifestyle: from fashion and food to sports and technology."
It will continue to take its travelling party tour to Ontario law schools, and this year is adding more law schools across Canada. Precedent has been in business more than 5 years now, with its irreverent mix of lifestyle, professional coverage and style information that is distinctive from most of the more traditional lawyers' publications.
A full page 1x ad in the student issue is $4,635.

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