Monday, September 10, 2012

A whole new generation is in the marketing sights -- "Generation Glamour"

Those millenials better watch it or they'll be the butt of jokes like the ones they used to hurl at baby boomers. This is demonstrated by the current campaign by Glamour magazine to try and claim the attention of the 30-something demographic. According to a story in the New York Times, Hearst Corporation is targetting what they label as "Generation Glamour", or millenials or generation Y, defined roughly as those born after 1980. The company is spending $250,000 on a campaign meant to shift the appeal of the redesigned magazine to a whole new generation of readers. 
In an example of how the medium can often be the message, the campaign goes beyond traditional tactics like print ads and outdoor posters. “Generation Glamour” has its own Web site,; an interactive photo wall on display in the meatpacking district of Manhattan; events like a party in Brooklyn; and a presence on social media like Instagram, Pinterest and blogs. 
“This reader is out there living in social media, influencing people with her opinions,” said Andy Spade, the creative director of Partners & Spade, who co-founded the agency with Anthony Sperduti. 
“She shares her likes, she’s tweeting, she’s texting,” Mr. Spade said. “So when you buy a page in Glamour, you’re exposed not just to the Glamour reader; you’re exposed to her friends.”

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