Thursday, September 13, 2012

Châtelaine publishes special newsstand tribute to Pauline Marois, first female premier of Quebec

Châtelaine magazine has published an 84-page, 45,000-copy special newsstand issue on the career of the first woman to be elected premier of Quebec, Pauline Marois. The issue has photos and articles about election night, an exclusive interview, commentary by former PQ cabinet member Lise Payette who says "She [Marois] climbed Everest" and articles comparing Marois to other powerful women in the world.

(Elsewhere, the Montreal Gazette's Janet Bagnall grumbled that there was very little in Marois's election on September 4 or her program that felt like progress.
"The Parti Québécois does not come across as a party that wants to be part of the global economy or the free flow of ideas and people around the world. The PQ program in effect called for immigrants to be pushed farther to the margins of Quebec society, forced to prove fluency in French before running for public office. Members of religious minorities would be forbidden from wearing religious insignia if they wanted to work in the public sector. And only anglophones would have the right to college-level education in English.")



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