Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guardian goes into the education biz; offers Masters degree in journalism

The Guardian, one of the most admired "digital first" news organizations in the world, is going into the education business, offering a masters degree in journalism with digital media starting next September in collaboration with Cardiff University. According to a story in Press Gazette, the fees would be in line with others in the UK which charge £9,000 to students resident in the European Union. 
“Journalism is changing at the speed of light, said Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.  Virtually every week we are learning new techniques and fresh truths about the way digital technologies are transforming the media.  
The Guardian’s been at the forefront of that change – now in the top three newspaper websites in the world.  By partnering with a well-established and respected university department we can offer a masters degree that will produce a generation of students  who are completely up to date with the skills needed to succeed in journalism today. 
“Everything about the media is there to be re-imagined and reshaped. Our new masters degree in journalism with digital media will be applicable to a wide range of careers, from news to website content management and social media.”


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