Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marketing magazine tightens controls on online commenting

Marketing magazine is imposing a "don't be a jerk" commenting policy on its website All comments will now be moderated. 
'This means there will be some delay between when you click “Submit my comment” and your words appearing on screen. We hope this will lead to a strong community of opinionated, thoughtful, well-informed readers."
The new policy, set out by online editor Jeromy Lloyd, encourages brief, relevant and constructive comments. While the magazine, which serves the media, advertising and public relations sectors,  is continuing to allow anonymous comments, "your opinion carries more weight if you’re willing to stand behind it with your real name."  Blocked will be comments that are abusive, harassing, threatening, or vulgar, personal attack, advertising or spam or personal conversations better suited for private messaging
"Remember that Marketing’s readership is a diverse group including creatives, executives, clients and vendors, students and gurus, small business owners and corporate CEOs. We publish stories to suit a wide variety of experience and expertise, so if a story doesn’t suit you, it may suit someone else."

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