Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Publishers, truck organizations partner on new human resources initiative

Glacier Business Information Group (publishers of  Truck News, Truck West, Motortruck Fleet Executive, and Canadian Transportation & Logistics) and Newcom Business Media (publishers of Today's Trucking, Transport Routier, and Truck and Trailer) have signed an agreement with the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), a federation of provincial trucking associations and the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) (representing private fleet operators) to create a new organization serving the industry's human resources needs. 
According to a story in Today's Trucking, the new organization Trucking Human Resources Canada, will supercede Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC).
"By including the most prominent membership-based fleet organizations in Canada, and publishers of the largest trade magazines in the trucking and logistics industry, our new organization is immediately positioned to support the broadest range of businesses and ensure HR needs, resources and strategies are effectively communicated to the industry at large," says Angela Splinter, the execcutive director of the new organization.
A blue ribbon task force earlier this year decided a new approach was required to deal with a chronic driver shortage.
"We are very hopeful that a new national organization which focuses on working with industry partners can help us as we work to address what most carriers believe is the industry's toughest challenge - making sure we have top-quality people who are recognized as skilled labour and treated as such, to pilot our vehicles in the future," says David Bradley, president and chief executive officer of the CTA.


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