Wednesday, December 19, 2012

9 out of 10 surveyed say Canadian magazines
are essential

90% of Canadians surveyed this summer say that access to Canadian magazines was important. Canadian content, they said, is essential. A Canadian Press story noted
— About seven in 10 Canadians said they read print magazines, while three in 10 said they download digital magazines.
— Of print magazine readers, about half said all or most of their reads are Canadian, while 32 per cent of digital magazine readers said they mostly read Canadian publications.
— The main reasons given for not reading print magazines were a lack of time (24 per cent) and lack of interest (21 per cent). For digital magazines, the reasons were preferring print (24 per cent), not owning an e-reader or tablet (13 per cent) and a lack of time (10 per cent).



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