Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Customer complaint leads Loblaws to remove National Enquirer issue from Newfoundland stores

Loblaws supermarkets in Newfoundland has removed current issue of the National
Enquirer from the racks of Dominion stores because of a customer complaint about its "Best and Worst Beach Bodies" theme and cover.

According to a story from Global News, teacher Brandon Field posted an open letter to Loblaws on his Facebook page. Loblaws operates Dominion stores in Newfoundland.
"More and more, we are seeing the detrimental effects of bullying in our school system," Field wrote. "These magazines, which are displayed prominently at every checkout, are a very real form of bullying."
Global News published the full text of his letter and Mark Boudreau, Director of Corporate Affairs for the Atlantic Region said:
"I can assure you that it is definitely not our intent to upset customers while shopping in our stores," Boudreau said. "All magazines entering our stores are based on an authorized list with titles that we approve based on sales performance in the marketplace as well as popularity among various demographic groups....We will continue to be diligent in reviewing our policies on these types of materials entering our stores, but in the meantime, we have removed the issue of the magazine from all our Dominion stores in Newfoundland," he said. 


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