Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Revived Canadian Cover Awards and new logo
take flight

We kinda like the new logo for the Canadian Cover Awards -- the renamed Canadian Newsstand Awards, co-sponsored by Magazines Canada and the Circulation Management Association of Canada (CMC). As we reported in an earlier post, the awards were started in 2002 by Masthead, but it decided last year to discontinue them. However, it was such a valued program that the new partnership was struck to carry them on, albeit under a new name. 
The new logo was created by K9Design's Norm Lourenco, who says of it:
"The new logo represents the Canadian magazine industry, and aspires to instill pride in the nominees and winners. Magazine visuals, have been done to death. The Canada Goose, illustrated with feathers like pages, represents many aspects of the awards: the Canadian content, the leader of the flock, the best, the winner…it’s a bird in flight – it’s all good.”
The awards program is open to English- or French-language magazines and must have single copies sold in Canada, containing a minimum of 80% Canadian editorial content. The awards are sponsored by Masthead, Covers Sell, K9Design, LS Travel and the Alliance for Audited Media. Submissions are accepted starting January 7 and close January 25. Single entries are the same as the newsstand awards were ($95) but multiple entries are discounted ($75 for second entry, $55 for each additional). Entries may be submitted online. Full list of categories.  Scores will be determined half by single copy sales  half by a panel of industry judges including a retailer, a wholesaler, a circ director, a national distributor and an art director. Newsstand Marketer of the Year will continue to be awarded.
The new logo seems to complement the logo for the National Magazine Awards, created a few years ago by Hambly & Woolley. 

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Anonymous Ashton Kutchner said...

Gosh, it's more than double the character count to say the same thing in french, really takes the wind out of that logo. Oh, and the typeface seems too weak compared to the scale of the pictogram.

5:01 pm  

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