Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There's not much overlap between magazines print and online ad customers

Just as there is often little overlap between the print audience of a magazine and the readers it gets online, there is apparently relatively little overlap between print and online magazine advertisers. According to a story by Bill Mickey on Folio:, the data service MediaRadar (formerly MagazineRadar) has found that only a third of the advertisers who buy print ads in MPA-member magazines show up on the same magazine brands' websites. Integrated sales are relatively small. 
"In the third quarter of 2012, for example, MediaRadar found that about 9,000 brands advertised in the MPA-member consumer magazines it tracks. There were 12,000 brands that advertised on those titles' websites. But only 3,000 were integrated buys—leaving about 9,000 advertisers that were only buying digital with those brands.


Blogger M McEwen said...

Interesting. I would have expected that the magazines would have been doing a lot of testing through package deals to prove the effectiveness of their digital platforms, which would have resulted in a higher overlap (even if unpaid).
Any media wizards (which I am not) care to comment?

8:45 am  

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