Monday, May 27, 2013

Metro undergoes redesign to accommodate
lost inch

New look
Old look

Metro, the weekday freepaper with city editions across Canada, has undergone a redesign of its front page and some inside sections. (It was necessitated by a recent slimming of the paper's trim size.) The redesign was carried out by K9 Design, known for its work on a number of magazines such as Alternatives Journal and East Coast Living

K9's creative director Norm Lourenco explained that they moved the masthead to the very top of the page and made the logo bigger, getting rid of the sky bar. The keys were moved directly below the masthead and new elements added like like a “web-call-out” and social media cues to help drive readers to the web site.

Metro Canada editor-in-chief Charlotte Empey (one-time editor of Canadian Living magazine) said
When we changed the web width of our paper, we needed a compelling new front page design that would compensate for the inch of editorial space we lost – and contribute to increased pick up and pass along rate." 



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