Sunday, May 05, 2013

Quote, unquote: On walking the magazine tightrope

"There’s something about investing your humanity, your eccentricity, your exuberance in the things you do. Why do people watch tightrope walkers? Not to see them get to the other side. It’s because they might fall. Not everything you do is going to be successful, but that’s part of the allure. It’s also what makes the work valuable: that you’re really present and invested in what you’re doing. That’s what the first issue of Wired was about."
 -- Wired magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto, in a really interesting history of the launch of one of the most interesting magazines created in the past thirty years. Rossetto and his business and life partner had created a plan to surf the wave of technology, which they predicted would be the rock 'n' roll of the '90s. Its debut was in January 1993.

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Anonymous Jeff said...

What an interesting article, thanks for this. Wired has always been a favourite of mine.

12:07 pm  

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