Friday, June 07, 2013

Publisher and circ expert Michael Fox elected chair of Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada has elected Michael Fox as its new chair for the next two years. Fox, a well-known circulator (was senior vice-president, circulation and marketing at Rogers Publishing) is now the CEO of the indy magazine Garden Making. He remains one of Canada's foremost experts on postal matters and has served in many board positions in MagsCan, including being its treasurer and leading the development of its collaborative direct mail subscription campaign. 
The board members, elected at the same annual general meeting, are:
  • Michael Fox, Garden Making, Board Chair
  • Gary Davies, BC Business 
  • Robert Goyette, Reader’s Digest
  • Niel Hiscox, Canadian Auto Dealer 
  • Scott Jamieson, Canadian Forest Industries
  • Mark Jamison, Magazines Canada CEO
  • Doug Knight, Toronto Life
  • Pierre Marcoux, Canadian Living 
  • Kirby Miller, Canadian House and Home
  • Deborah Morrison, Canada’s History Magazine, Past Chair
  • Julie Osborne, Maclean’s 
  • Rob Tanner, Canadian Cowboy Country
  • Jennifer Varkonyi, Maisonneuve
  • Lisa Whittington Hill, This
  • Grant Young, Downhome


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