Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stalled Jamie magazine severs relations with North American partners idoodle

Despite his undeniable star power, the North American version of Jamie, TV chef Jamie Oliver's North American version of a magazine launched in the UK in 2008, has foundered. A licensing partnership between Oliver and Ottawa-based idoodle, has broken down. The magazine was supposed to have launched by late last year, with 300,000 copies circulated. According to a story from Audience Development
"A spokesperson for Jamie magazine declined to offer details on why the licensing deal fell apart, but said talks with other potential partners are underway. "We are actively seeking a new relationship," she said. Customers who pre-ordered a North American subscription will be provided with the UK print or iPad edition of the magazine."
A message on Jamie Oliver's Facebook page said
"Due to a number of challenges, we have found it necessary to sever our relationship with our North American licensee, idoodle media. We apologize for the delay in the North American launch and are in the process of reviewing all of our legal options. "


Anonymous Martin said...

The UK version is alive and well, and available in Canada!

10:02 pm  

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