Monday, July 22, 2013

Quote, unquote: On watching (baseball) like a girl

"To the media at large, baseball fans of the female persuasion tend to be seen as vapid, bored, and distracted, either dragged along by boyfriends or there to party and pick up, all the while wearing their Victoria’s Secret Jays tees and drooling over Brett Lawrie. Women are there for a ladies night or a bachelorette party—certainly not for any “real love” of the game, yet they do come in handy as the occasional pretty face for Sportsnet to zoom in on. 
"I certainly don’t deny that these kinds of fans exist—but I cannot agree that they’re a problem. The actual problem lies in consistently putting this very limited depiction of women’s relationship to sports into the world. It does real exclusionary damage in terms of attracting new fans, a project that both makes good economic sense and goes far in improving the overall experience for everyone."
-- Stacey May Fowles, novelist and circulation and marketing director for The Walrus magazine, in an essay sparked by a Globe and Mail article purporting to explain the growth in women's attendance at baseball games at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.



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