Thursday, July 04, 2013

TC Media launches digital media incubator

Bruno Leclaire
TC Media's steady march towards being a multiplatform digital and print production company is indicated by its announced launch of the TC Media Incubator, which will oversee the creation and development of all the company's digital products. The incubator lab, which will be up and running in November, will be directed by Bruno Leclaire, now chief digital officer of TC Media.
"At TC Media, our ambition is to offer our advertising clients and our consumers top quality, innovative, highly efficient products and services," said Ted Markle, president of TC Media. "The creation of the TC Media Incubator supports this ambition, in line with our sector's strategic priorities. "
Leclaire says that the incubator will have many of the advantages of a small startup while benefiting from being inside the larger TC Media framework.

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