Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jack Illingworth joins OAC as literature
officer Sept 3

Publishers of Ontario-based cultural magazines will be pleased to know that the Ontario Arts Council has named as its  literature officer someone who definitely gets it. Jack Illingworth has been until now the executive director of the Literary Press Group and is deeply knowledgeable about Ontario‚Äôs literature sector, especially independent, Canadian-owned publishers, and is also a former literary critic. He will be joining the council September 3.

Illingworth joined the LPG in 2009 from working with the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP). He comes into a job that has been managed on an interim basis by former literature officer Lorraine Filyer, who stepped in when the previous officer, Michael Schellenberg, lasted less than two months in the job after succeeding John Degen (now executive director of The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC)). 



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