Friday, August 30, 2013

Paywall for videos would let readers watch a little, then ask them to pay

Press+, which helps publishers erect paywalls on their sites, has launched a new tool that will do the same thing for the increasingly numerous of videos magazines are posting. While the Press+ paywalls let people read a set number of articles before payment is required, the video metering system allows users to watch a few minutes before they're asked to pay. So far, most publishers are simply providing video free to drive site traffic, but more and more are looking for ways to gain incremental revenue. Essentially, they are finding that ads are not enough. 
"Press+ cofounder Steve Brill told The Wrap that the videos likely to work best for this are longer ones “with some kind of narrative arc” and that “the way to get people into video stories is to let them watch it for a little while.”

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