Thursday, August 29, 2013

Quote, unquote: The wrongheaded Xs and Ys of business modelling

I think the b-to-b market has lost its way in many respects.... The category has considered technology and delivery as its form of innovation as opposed to content that actually helps the user/reader/attendee do their job better. More investments in delivery and [fewer] investments in the content itself is what has plagued the market. 
I also believe that the b-to-b space is constantly trying to dig itself out of a hole. How do I make up for the loss in revenue in X by doubling down on Y, but not totally leaving X so I can get whatever money is left? I think that is the wrong approach and screams of the lack of agility in business modeling that traditional b-to-b players have.
-- John Siefert, CEO of Virgo Publishing, in a Q&A with Folio: 



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