Monday, September 16, 2013

Print Measurement Bureau and NADbank boards agree to merge organizations and studies

To adjust to the changing realities of the research marketplace and to more efficiently gather and analyze both print media data and results of ongoing research into digital audiences, the Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) and NADbank have decided tentatively to merge their two studies and ultimately their two organizations. The result would be a combined print and digital study from one organization.

PMB has long been the accepted standard for readership and purchase information about Canadian magazines. NADbank has been primarily concerned with readership and purchase data for newspapers. A memorandum to members of PMB says that the boards of the two organizations have agreed -- subject to approval at special membership meetings -- to proceed with a proposal made by TNS, the research supplier to both. First data is expected to be available in the new, combined format in early 2015.
"The proposed new study builds on the strengths of the PMB and NADbank studies which are both internationally recognized as Gold Standard in their field," [said the memorandum] "The new study will contain all the information currently in the PMB and NADbank studies including data on the digital footprint of print vehicles. This will be achieved with no sacrifice of data quality, but with substantial savings through fieldwork efficiencies and the use of advanced data techniques such as congruent fusion and data calibration. 
"Further, the new combined study is designed as a platform to allow for broader research guidance for PMB members in areas such as media engagement, path-to-purchase data and linkages to external databases."

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