Monday, January 06, 2014

Color, the skateboarding lifestyle magazine
ceases printing

Color magazine, the Vancouver-based title which has focussed on skateboard culture for 10 years, has announced it is taking "an extended hiatus from traditional methods", ceasing printing. It will be moving forward in other, unspecified, ways to bolster coverage of skateboarding.
"Fourcorner Publishing Inc. recognizes that the legacy Color Magazine leaves behind would not be made possible without the support from its loyal advertisers and devout readership, but Color wasn’t conceived for the purpose of doing business, it was always a passion for the publisher who was consistently inspired and motivated by the people who helped put it all together."
Back issues of the magazine will be available at two shows in Long Beach, California, later this week and in Vancouver the week after.

Founder/producer Alessandro Grison said:
Color has been a dream for me… The magazine gave me the opportunity to sit and get to know so many of my heros and experience things I never thought I would in my lifetime. It opened my eyes to a world outside of my own as I hope it did for others.I may have received back just as much as we gave [while making the magazine]—which was always all of ourselves. I am forever grateful for the amazing people I met and got the opportunity to work with over the years. I’m thankful to walk away enriched by memorable experiences”.
According to the magazine's website, the idea for the magazine transpired in September 2002 "between two out-of-work artists in an East Vancouver apartment building.  Sandro Grison and David Christian sought to explore and accurately depict skateboard culture, and the things that inspired those within it."



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